A unique way to combine having fun with supporting good causes.

The way it works is simple. Following the traditional raffle ticket sales model, each participant purchases a ticket that represents a numbered golf ball. The thrill comes when OC Helicopters flies overhead and drops the numbered golf balls over a selected target (golf ball hole, flag, marker, etc.) attempting to get all of the balls as close to the target as possible. Prizes are generally awarded to the numbered ball(s) closest to the selected target.

Serving Southern California, OC Helicopters Golf Ball Drop Program offers everything from hosting your own full service online Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser to having OC Helicopters simply fly in and drop the golf balls over the target. To learn more about our “Golf Ball Drop Online Fundraising Program” click here.

Let OC Helicopters help you and your organization achieve new fundraising records by
“Managing Your Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser Online”