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Chief Pup In Charge

Max is OC Helicopters PIC. Usually that means Pilot in Command. In our case it’s clearly “Pup in Charge”. Having logged hundreds of flight hours (in dog years) Max has definitely earned his wings. In addition to his duties as PIC he is in charge of security, official greeter, film star (in his mind) whale and wildlife spotter and resident object of affection. You are in good “paws” with Max and the OC Helicopters crew… So get ready for a “barkin” great time!


OC Helicopters

OC Helicopters is proudly Veteran Owned & Operated. Its subsidiaries and aircrafts, operates under FAA issued Authorizations, Certificates, and Federal Aviation Regulations, with charter operations serving Orange County since 1985. Specializing in Coastal Tours since 2008, and in 2014 became the 1st and only helicopter organization worldwide to offer the recreational SCUBA diving community the ability to specialize in Heli-Diver SCUBA diving (day and night) sanctioned by PADI – Professional Association of Diving Instructors. In 2015, OC Helicopters joined Tier 1 Engineering’s “Battery-Powered Manned Helicopter Program” to pilot an electric technology demonstrator. The first successful flight took place September 21st, 2016 at the Los Alamitos JFTB Army Airfield.

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The founder of OC Helicopters brings 25+ years of Military Service Experience.

Note the resemblance of US Air Force Space Operations Badge to OC Helicopters Badge/Wings.

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About Us

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The “OC” Lounge

OC Helicopters is the only FAA approved Helicopter Air Carrier “Charter” provider with primary corporate offices and hangers on John Wayne Airport.

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OC Helicopters +1-949-851-6262 H120

OC Helicopters Pilots man Airbus H-120 (formerly as “Eurocopter EC-120B”). It is known as the “Colibri” or “Hummingbird”… a very sleek, sexy powerful turbine helicopter boasting 180° views with unobstructed air-conditioned cabin areas. The helicopter seats 5 people (4 passengers + 1 pilot… Someone’s gotta fly!).



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